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What We Do: Charitable Gaming

Standards-Based Approach

The AGCO employs a Standards-Based approach to the regulation of gaming. The objective of a Standards-Based regulatory model is to shift the focus from requiring registrants to comply with a specific set of rules or processes, towards the broader regulatory outcomes they are expected to achieve. This approach strengthens regulatory outcomes in a way that does not needlessly burden regulated entities.

The authority to establish risk-based standards to regulate Ontario’s gaming sector is under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 (GCA) and Regulation 78/12.

Registrar’s Standards for Gaming

The GCA provides the Registrar of the AGCO with the authority to establish Standards and Requirements. These Standards and Requirements are referred to as “The Registrar’s Standards for Gaming”, and are concerned with the conduct, management and operation of gaming sites, lottery schemes or businesses related to a gaming site or a lottery scheme or for related goods or services.

The Registrar’s Standards for Gaming were developed based on risk assessments and consultations with key stakeholders, including the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), and social responsibility groups. In order to keep the highest standards of integrity, periodic risk assessments will be conducted to ensure that the standards continue to be relevant.

- Information Bulletin No. 72 – Registrar’s Standards for Gaming (2013)
- Gaming Standards FAQs

Implementation Status of Standards

The Registrar’s Standards for Gaming will apply to OLG operated lottery schemes conducted at gaming sites in Ontario, such as Casinos, Charitable Gaming (cGaming) sites, and iGaming. The AGCO is taking a phased approach to the implementation of Standards and Requirements. Currently, the Standards and Requirements apply to cGaming sites, iGaming, and selected Casinos.

Overview of Standards Interpretation Protocol

The AGCO has established the Standards Interpretation Protocol, which acts as a single point of contact for inquiries from the gaming industry related to the interpretation of the Standards. In order to promote transparency and better understanding, interpretations will be posted on the AGCO’s website, with the exception of certain instances when confidentiality must be maintained.




Gaming Sector

2.8, 10.1, 10.14 13-012 Game Design: Online and Land-Based Game Themes All Sectors
10.15, 10.20 13-014 Reel Weight - iGaming iGaming
3.2, 2.6 13-016 Disentitlement for iGaming Lottery Ticket Group Purchase iGaming
10.5 13-017 Game Completion iGaming
2.4, 2.8, 10.1 13-018 Help Screens - iGaming iGaming
2.8 13-019 Game Design: Online and Land-Based Game Themes iGaming
1.2 14-001 Security and Surveillance Controls All Sectors
1.34 14-002 Detection of Unauthorized Changes All Sectors
5.8 14-005 Gaming-Related Financial Transactions All Sectors
10.29 14-006 Continuous Play Functionality for iGaming iGaming
3.2 14-009 Eligible Individuals: Employees of Registered Suppliers All Sectors
2.8, 10.1, 10.14 14-010 Gaming Design: Mobile and Online Functionality iGaming
10.33 14-017 Game Session Security iGaming
7.18, 7.20, 7.21 14-020 Requirements to Deactivate Account iGaming
1.37 14-032 Definition of Player Personal Information All Sectors
3.1, 3.2 14-033 Prohibited Access: Court Order All Sectors
3.2 14-034 Eligibility - Gaming Assistants All Sectors
5.1 14-035 Information Identified in Floor Plans Land-Based
2.7 15-005 Removal from Mailing Lists All Sectors
5.7 15-006 Supervision of Destruction of Sensitive Inventories All Sectors
1.20 15-007 Use of Generic Accounts for IT Support Staff All Sectors
3.1.2, 3.2.1 16-009 Jurisdictional Scope of Court Ordered Gaming Prohibitions All Sectors
2.1 16-010 Minors in Corporate Advertising All Sectors
4.1 16-011 Surveillance Recordings Casino
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