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What We Do: Alcohol

'By the Glass' Limited Licence

Manufacturer´s Limited Liquor Sales Licence ("By the Glass")

Wineries and breweries may make an application to the AGCO for a Manufacturer´s Limited Liquor Sales Licence ("By the Glass") to sell and serve their products for conveyance and consumption on their manufacturing site(s) where the sale is primarily aimed at promoting the manufacturer´s product and either providing an enhanced tourist experience or fulfilling an educational purpose.

Only Ontario wineries and breweries which hold a Manufacturer´s Licence (issued pursuant to the Liquor Licence Act) are eligible for this licence.

This allows Ontario wineries and breweries to sell and serve wine or beer which it has manufactured in servings whose quantities do not exceed 341 ml (12 oz) for beer and 142 ml (5 oz) for Ontario wine. Beer or wine may only be sold between 11:00 a.m. and 9 p.m. on any day. These hours may not be extended and no liquor sales licence endorsements are available for this type of sales licence.

Guests are allowed to carry and consume wine and beer on the manufacturing site in areas that are under the sole control of the manufacturer and approved under the licence. Wine and beer will not be permitted in such areas as public roads, thoroughfares, driveways and parking lots, or in other areas that may raise public safety concerns.

Please Note: A wine or beer manufacturing site may have both a Tied House and a Manufacturer´s Limited Liquor Sales Licence. Patrons are permitted to move freely between the licensed areas with their beverages, however, licensees must ensure adherence to rules regarding the permissible hours of sale for each licence type.

For frequently asked questions (FAQ), please see Direct Internal Link By The Glass’ – Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licences FAQs.

Application Process

In late spring 2017, the AGCO will begin rolling out online services in multiple phases and liquor manufacturers will be among the first to benefit.

Read the information bulletin for more details.

PDF Instructions

New and updated PDF forms on this site can be filled-in and saved locally to your PC. This updated feature preserves all of the information you have filled in, however, version 6.05 or later of Adobe Reader® is required.  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader®

New, Renewal, Reinstatement and Transfer Applications

Important Application Reminders

  • For PDF forms completed online or offline, please ensure ALL the input information has printed out on your application.
  • For PDF forms filled-in by hand, please ensure you PRINT legibly in ink.
  • Please ensure ALL required questions are completed. Incomplete, improperly completed or unsigned applications will be returned to applicant.
  • Do not email application forms. Please mail your completed application, including all attachments, and appropriate alcohol licensing fee alcohol licensing fee to:

    Alcohol and Gaming Commission
    Licensing and Registration
    90 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ontario M2N 0A4

Please read the "Instructions" portion of the application(s) for supporting document requirements.