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Liquor Sales Licence

"A sales licence for on-premise sale, service and consumption of beverage alcohol."

In Ontario, there is a single class of licence called a Liquor Sales Licence. The holder of a liquor sales licence may sell and serve beverage alcohol in a licensed establishment where light meals* are available. When a liquor sales licence is combined with an endorsement, the licence holder may sell and serve beverage alcohol under specific circumstances and conditions.

*Light meals are not snacks which target cravings (nuts, chips, pretzels, etc). Lights meals are made up of more than one food element, such as soup and sandwich, or hamburger with fries, or salad with more than lettuce, which deals with appetite or hunger.

Easy access to online applications and information regarding liquor sales licences

Click any of the resources to your right for detailed information on new liquor sales licences (including temporary extensions), renewals, transfers and endorsements.

In addition to providing you with licensing information, each section gives you access to relevant guides, application forms, and corresponding disclosure forms in PDF format. For your convenience, the application forms are designed so you can complete the form on your computer or print a blank form and complete it by hand. Do not email application forms.