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What We Do: Alcohol

Liquor Modernization Project

In recent years, the government has taken a series of important steps to modernize the regulation of Ontario’s beverage alcohol industry. By implementing government initiatives and closely collaborating with government, business and social responsibility and public health groups, the AGCO’s new regulatory approach is showing positive results.

Now, the AGCO is embarking on the next stage of regulatory modernization in Ontario’s beverage alcohol industry. The AGCO recently released a consultation paper entitled, “Regulatory Modernization in Ontario’s Beverage Alcohol Industry”, focusing on matters that fall exclusively within the existing regulatory mandate of the AGCO with respect to wine, beer, and spirits manufacturers, liquor delivery services, manufacturers’ representatives, and ferment-on-premise operators. Through this consultation paper and additional consultation measures, the AGCO intends to identify ways to create a smarter, faster and more focused regulatory environment for Ontario’s liquor manufacturing and distribution sectors. The AGCO will work with various stakeholders to identify new opportunities for the AGCO to modernize its policies to reduce the administrative burden, enhance opportunities for Ontario-based businesses, simplify regulatory rules, and promote compliance with Ontario’s liquor laws and policies.

Please continue to check this page for regular updates and information relating to the AGCO’s Regulatory Modernization in Ontario’s Beverage Alcohol Industry initiative.

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