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What We Do: Alcohol

Changes to Licensed Areas

Making changes or additions to your establishment? This is what you need to know.

Licensees with valid liquor sales licences may apply to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for additional licensed areas and/or building alterations to an existing licence.

An application is not required for the following changes to a licensed establishment:

  • Change to décor
  • Installation or relocation of doors
  • Creation of openings to existing walls/partitions that separate the licensed and unlicensed area, providing after the change, the partition and/or wall is 36"/.9M or higher
  • Removal of wall openings, arches, etc. to combine two or more areas into one area
  • Installation or removal of windows
  • Installation or removal of weather breaks, buffets, or server stations

* Note: You must advise the Commission in writing within 30 days of making such changes.

For all other alterations such as adding licensed areas or increasing seating capacity in existing licensed areas an application must be submitted.

Public notification is required if the application is to licence an outdoor space such as a patio and/or to increase the licensed capacity of the establishment (indoor or outdoor) by more than 25%, For more information on public notification, and to view current notices of liquor sales licence applications, please visit Notice of Liquor Sales Licence Applications Notice of Liquor Sales Licence Applications .

For additional information regarding applications for additions and/or building alterations, download our "Application for Changes or Additions to Existing Licensed Areas" located at the end of the page where you will also find all relevant application forms in PDF format.

Please mail your completed application, including all attachments, and appropriate alcohol licensing fee alcohol licensing fee to the address listed below.

Application Process

PDF Instructions

New and updated PDF forms on this site can be filled-in and saved locally to your PC. This updated feature preserves all of the information you have filled in, however, version 6.05 or later of Adobe Reader® is required.  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader®

Application Forms and Guides

Public Notice of Application

All Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the Liquor Licence Act,

Subject to subsection (2), the Registrar shall give notice of an application for a licence to sell liquor to the residents of the municipality in which the premises are located by giving notice,

  1. in the prescribed manner in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality; and
  2. in any other manner that the Registrar considers desirable.

Registrar's Directive for Public Notice of Application

On August 1st, 2003, Section 7 of Ontario Regulation 719 that prescribed the public notice of application requirements was revoked. Effective August 1st, 2003, for the purposes of clause 7 (1) (b) of the Liquor Licence Act, notice of an application for a licence to sell liquor must be given in the manner described below:

  • The Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming shall provide to an applicant a written notice concerning the application.
  • The notice shall be posted on the premises to be licensed in a place in which members of the public can easily read the contents of the notice.
  • If the premises to be licensed is a boat, the notice shall be posted at the home ports of the boat in a place in which members of the public can easily read the contents of the notice.
  • No notice is required to be posted if the premises to be licensed is a railway car.
  • The notice shall remain posted for at least thirty (30) days, unless the Registrar requires a different time period, before the date specified in the notice as the date by which written objections to the issuance of a licence must be received by the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming.

Effective: August 1, 2003

Important Application Reminders

  • For PDF forms completed online or offline, please ensure ALL the input information has printed out on your application.
  • For PDF forms filled-in by hand, please ensure you PRINT legibly in ink.
  • Please ensure ALL required questions are completed. Incomplete, improperly completed or unsigned applications will be returned to applicant.
  • Do not email application forms. Mail application(s) along with ALL supporting documents to:

    Alcohol and Gaming Commission
    Licensing and Registration
    90 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ontario M2N 0A4

Please read the "Instructions" portion of the application(s) for supporting document requirements.