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The AGCO is required to post public Notices in the following instances in order to allow local residents the opportunity to voice their comments and/or objections:

  1. Where an application for a liquor sales licence has been filed with the AGCO and there has been no liquor sales licence at that address for at least six (6) months;
  2. Where an existing licensee wishes to licence an outdoor space such as a patio;
  3. Where an existing licensee wishes to increase the licensed capacity of the establishment (indoor or outdoor) by more than 25%; and
  4. Where the Registrar may require public notification due to the location or the past compliance history of an establishment.

In the above instances, the AGCO will post a public notice on the AGCO website and provide the applicant with a placard to post at the premises. This public notice offers residents in the municipality the opportunity to respond to the application and to voice any concerns or objections to the application within the time period set as posted on the AGCO website and on the placard.

If you have concerns about a proposed licensed establishment or an expansion of an existing licensed establishment in your community, please read: