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Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM)

The Lottery Licensing Policy Manual is intended to assist licensing authorities in making consistent decisions with respect to the issuance of lottery licences. The manual is a key instrument for communicating changes in the regulatory framework of the charitable gaming industry and provides an outline of the legal and policy framework and administrative procedures for lottery licensing purposes. The AGCO Lottery Licensing Policy Manual, Order in Council 1413/08, and AGCO Terms and Conditions to licences are part of the charity gaming regulatory framework which flows from the Criminal Code.

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Lottery Licensing Policy Manual
  Chapters 1 - 10   Lottery Licensing Policy Manual - complete publication
  Chapter 1   Regulatory Framework
  Chapter 2   Eligibility and Use Of Proceeds
  Chapter 3   General Lottery Licensing Policies
  Chapter 4   Bazaar Licence
  Chapter 5   Raffles
  Chapter 6   Social Gaming Events
  Chapter 7   Break Open Tickets
  Chapter 8   Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event
  Chapter 9   Bingo — in Non-Pooling Bingo Halls
  Chapter 10   Bingo — in Pooling Bingo Halls