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Travel and Hospitality Disclosure

Welcome to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario´s expenses disclosure website.

This website provides regular updates on the travel, meal and hospitality expense claims of the AGCO´s senior executives, appointees and top 5 claimants.

A link to the Ontario government website provides access to information on the expense claims of cabinet ministers, political staff, government appointees and senior management in ministries.

Expenses claimed by designated officials after April 1, 2010 will be disclosed through this website. For April, May and June 2010, expense claim information will be disclosed on a monthly basis. After June 2010, expense claim information will be posted on a quarterly basis.

This website will show the person´s name and title, purpose of the trip(s), date and destination of the trip(s), names of government/agency attendees if applicable, plus a summary of expenses for relevant air fare, other transportation, accommodation, meals, hospitality and incidentals.

Expense claim information can be accessed through this website as soon as possible after the claims are reviewed by the Integrity Commissioner.

Information on this website was accurate at the time of posting.

Links to the travel and hospitality disclosure list
Board & Chair Executives & Directors Top Five Claimants Annually