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Hearings & Appeals


Responsibility for the adjudication of alcohol and gaming matters under the Liquor Licence Act and Gaming Control Act, 1992, rests with the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), which is an agency of the Government of Ontario that adjudicates matters involving licensing activities regulated by various Ministries. LAT is not part of the AGCO.

If you have received one of the following documents, you have the right to a hearing/appeal before LAT.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Gaming

If the Registrar of Alcohol & Gaming (AGCO) is seeking to refuse, revoke, or suspend your licence/registration, or has issued an Order of Monetary Penalty that you wish to appeal, you must request a hearing before LAT within fifteen (15) days. For more information about requesting a hearing/appeal as well as any fees LAT may require, please visit the LAT website at

Public Interest Hearings:

If you have concerns about a proposed licensed establishment or an expansion of an existing licensed establishment in your community, please read:


All final decisions of the Board of the AGCO can be found on QuickLaw-LexisNexis. Final decisions of the Board of the AGCO since January 2007 can also be found on Can LII.

For cases before LAT, please visit the LAT website at

Note: The Revised Rules of Practice (2008) that applied to hearings and appeals held before the Board of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission prior to July 1, 2011, have been archived.