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Requesting Information / FOI Requests

Requesting Information from the AGCO

For general inquiries, such as the status of your licence or registration, the location and hours of AGCO offices, or the location of nearest LCBO Special Occasion Permit issuing store, please contact AGCO Customer Service at:

General telephone: 416-326-8700
Toll free in Ontario: 1-800-522-2876

Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

A Freedom of Information request is an official written request for information from an organization covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Under FIPPA, a Freedom of Information request must be in writing and must provide sufficient detail to identify the information. The standard FOI Request Form is the most efficient way to make a Freedom of Information request.

A $5.00 fee is required for making a Freedom of Information request under FIPPA and must be payable to the Minister of Finance either by cheque or by money order. As well, you may be charged for the time required to locate and prepare records containing the information, photocopying and shipping costs.

You cannot submit a Freedom of Information request online; it must be mailed or delivered to:

Access and Privacy Office
Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurty-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 5th floor
Toronto, Ontario   M7A 2S9

Telephone: (416) 326-4300

Government organizations that receive requests under FIPPA must respond within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request. However, under some circumstances, government organizations may need to extend this time frame. In such cases, the requester will be notified.